Monday, 18 June 2012

Finnick Odair

When I thought about who should play Finnick, it took me a while to find somebody that could portray his cunning and sexy character. I would hate for somebody like Zac Efron or Alex Pettyfer to end up play the tribute. Finnick is a male tribute from district 4 with steamy bronze coloured hair and incredible sea green eyes, which made him very popular in the Capitol. He is constantly described as extremly handsome. He is tall, muscular and athletic. He also has taned skin from sitting out on the water in the sun. Katniss at first sight veiw Finnick as flirty a uses a seductive purr when we talks. He is lethan with a tritent and can trap just as good as Gale. His coach during the 65th games ( The year in which he won)was named Mags. An past victor who needed a cane to walk about. Throught the Quarte Quel you see more of Finnicks pain and grief over his crush Annie. In Mockingjay he is finely reunitied with Annie and subsequently marries her. The actor I have choose to play Finnick in my eyes is Lachlan Buchanan. He is cute and sexy with foamy blue eyes. He is 21 which is ideal because Finnick's age is 24. This young actor is mostly known for surfing of beachy movies. He is Australian so him and Liam will have stuff in common. Finnick was an allie from the start of the game for Katniss and Peeta , however they wree unsure during the training sessions if he would be trustworthy. Through out the Quel Katniss is always unsure to kill him or not. He brings peeta back to life using a technique that he learnt as a kid. Peeta had been knocked back after a force field crossed his path. Also during a midnight mare filled evening, Katniss find Finnick feeding soem horse sugar cubes. He begins to flirt away with the blushing Katniss and evnturly sneeks a kiss and a flusherd Katniss stumbles away. For the tribute parade, his stylist chooses for him to wear a golden fish net gently draped over his head and tied in several knots at his crotch so he can't be technically called naked.

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