Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Catching Fire Arena

This is the Catching Fire Arena. In the book, it describes may deadly traps in each segment. The arena is in the shape of a clock. Each hour, another horror begins. Some of the trap are not described. One of the worse parts of this cycle was the blood rain. It begins to pour down and fill the entire areana with hot choking downpour at one o'clock. Beetee, Johanna and Wiress where unlucky enought to encounter this horrific rain. There clothes get soaked with red hot plasma and Wiress is hit with madness by talking in nonsense and repetitively repeating " Tick, Tock" which in the end helps save them all when Katniss realises he arena is a clock. Finnick and Katniss both experience the vile  petrifying Jabberjays at four o'clock. The Jabberjay repeat a sound that they hear. Finnick hears his sweet hearts voice screaming and he run to her rescue to find a stupid bird. Katniss hears many screams, since she loves so many people. Johanna is not affected by the birds mimics, because she says that there is nobody that she loves or that she cares for any more. This arena had such a range of obstacles to complete. Ranging from man-eating monkeys to blistering mist. Nobody could of prepared they for it.

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