Friday, 15 June 2012


This is Helen Mirren. When I first thought of Mags I saw a fit older lady, just like her. She is 67. The producrers can't use an old lady like Betty White because Mags does a fair bit of running and stuff, plus it would be weird for such a well known actress just to die off so quick. Mags is a female tribute from distirct 4. She was the victor of one of the earlier hunger games. She takes Finnick's crush Annie's place at the reaping when her name is called. She is not as fit as she once was but she is good at making fish hooks. For all the previous years she has been the mentor of all the distirct 4 tributes, she was Finnick's mentor. During the escape out of the fog in Catching fire, Katniss is unable to carry her any longer and asks finnick to take both Mags and peeta. Finnick nodds in dissaproval and Mags runs of back into the jungle and dies without another word.

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